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delivery and payment

return policy

1. Kinetic Design Customer may return the products purchased through a contract in the following situations:
     1.a. Products manufacturing defects
     1.b. Products have been delivered / invoiced wrong
     1.c. The products ordered by the customer incorrectly sizes
     1.d. Packages shows severe damage

"Consumers have the right to notify in writing to waive the purchase without penalty and without giving any reason, within 10 days after receiving the product." Also, in accordance with art. 7 para. 1 of OG 130 / 2000, the Customer has the right to cancel the distance contract within 10 working days of receipt of product / goods, without penalty and without giving any reason. in this case, the direct cost of returning the goods will fall under the law, in the Client.
2. Customer undertakes to notify Kinetic Design , intention to return products purchased through any means of written communication ( e-mail/fax/etc ) within 10 days after receiving the products and / or services.

3. Kinetic Design Client has notified under Article 2 has a responsibility to ensure that the products that made reference will be returned within 10 days, otherwise the Kinetic Design considering improper request / invalid and refuse to return.

4. Kinetic Design client will not be able to return products purchased and / or will not claim any daune-interese/despagubiri in the following situations:
     4.a. In case of replacing the product with a product purchased with other specifications or a different type , except the situation provided for in Art. 1.4.
     4.b. If the request for return for any of the situations provided in art. 1 has the date of dispatch of the notification of intention to return that exceeds the 10 working days stipulated under Article 2, the next working day calculated from the date the contract honored.
     4.c. If a product is returned with the motivation of the situations provided in art.1, and the product is not returned in the same condition in which it was delivered (in original packaging with all labels intact and documents accompanying him).
     4.D products constitutes a kit to be returned as a kit.

5. If repayment value of the product, it will be done within 30 days of confirmation of the return.

6. If the replacement product as 1.3, the replacement will be made in the conditions and limits of normal controls .

7. If the customer who returned a product in accordance with Article 1.3 and Kinetic Design lacks a suitable product for replacement , it will give the customer purchase price under 5.

8. Value of additional services including, but not limited to the transport, paid by the client, will not be reimbursed.

9. In all cases, the cost of returning / re -shipment will be borne by the customer except as set out in paragraphs 1.1, 1.2 , 1.3 and if the lack of conformity under 1 . , In which Kinetic Design will support counter transport. Also, in case of delivery / of item (s ) uncontrolled (s ) , return costs are the responsibility Kinetic Design srl .

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